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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

about us

Who is The One and who is I? We have been together for about a year and a half now and we are engaged. We met on the internet through a dating club. I is a graphic designer and The One is a final year student for the degree in radiography at the University of Pretoria. We stay in Pretoria North and I’s mother stays with us, but we are going to move to the city at the end of March and I’s mother will stay on her own. We are fed-up with being stuck in traffic and, having one car, we have to wait for each other ‘till we can go home. For example, I works ‘till 5 in the afternoon and The One works ‘till 7 at a part time job at the medical library at the university, so I have to wait 2 hours for The One. The One is actually a chemist but, being unable to find a good job in the field, decided to pursue a career in radiography in which there are plenty of jobs. Radiography is also our ticket to the UK. We do not want to stay in South Africa. The plan is to work and live in the UK and tour Europe, and then settle in Canada permanently (or just maybe we will settle in Europe somewhere). Before we go The One has to work 18 months for the government for community service and the payback of a study bursary. By then we will be married and I can get a UK spouse visa on The One’s UK work permit to allow him to work there as well. The One misses chemistry and all the brain work that goes with it, but it is our dream to emigrate so radiography is ok for now.

We have little spare time between work and studies but if we do find some time The One composes music (electronic mostly) and plays piano. I enjoys writing poetry now and then but finds it a great effort to do so. I also likes computer games like Sims and arcade games. We have a vegetable garden with baby marrows, three types of lettuce, beetroot, tomatoes, helmet chillies, spinach and green beans. The vegetable garden is surrounded by a fence with creeping morning glories.

We have two cats (Saffron and Rajah), two dogs (Nettie Roos and Josef de Beer), a parrot (Hitler and he does live up to his name) and six tortoises. Saffron is a sort of a grey-purple cat (tortoiseshell Burmese) and Rajah is ginger in colour. Nettie Roos is a cross between a fox-terrier and a maltese and she is a nervous little thing; her lip curls over her nose from excitement when we get home every day from work. Josef de Beer is rottweiler and he does not have a lot of grey matter but he is adorable.

The One suffers from schizo-affective disorder which is a combination of the symptoms of schizophrenia and major depression, but he is doing much better now with his expensive medication and he is seeing a renowned psychiatrist free of charge at the university. I is perfectly normal except for having a very sensitive nose. The One would like to see an acupuncture doctor.

We drive a blue mini with a white roof called Donald and he is very, very temperamental. Donald overheats, the clutch goes every now and then, the brakes make funny noises and the lights seem not to work that well anymore.

If you want to know anything more about us please leave a comment.

Written by The One


jeanettix said...

I only know The One and even that feels like a lifetime ago. Perhaps it is. Such a strange different continent. I seems like the sort of person I would like to know. How amazing to meet online inspiration. I am truly happy about this journey.