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Friday, February 16, 2007


My very own mondegreen.

Of course I heard "rock ... kreptychine" which I thought was some mystical element such as kryptonite. But then I grew suspicious, because it was Chris Chameleon singing on Elsa's phone, and I remembered that he had set many of Ingrid Jonker's poems to music. So, one evening before bed, I whipped out my "Ingrid Jonker - Versamelde Werke" and started paging forward from the last poem page (page 159), scanning through every poem. I was about to give up when, on page 27, I found "Die onverkrygbare (met vergunning aan M.R.)". The first line confirmed my suspicions: he was singing "rok van crêpe-de-chine".

Like most of her poems, this one has a very musical rhythm; when you hear the song it makes sense that is was chosen to be set to music. However, I think the message of the poem is that life is very short, and I find it sad. But contrary to what I would imagine the music should sound like, it is chirpy and upbeat.

Also, I find cellphones that play songs when they are supposed to ring a horror. The only thing that I find more indicative of the irreversible degradation of the human race is personalized numberplates.

But, like so many things in my life, that is completely beside the point.

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