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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I noticed the light falling on the wall of our bedroom the way you notice light falling on you bedroom wall: notice but take no notice.

Last night, the light disappeared for a while. When I looked again later, when I was awake at about three o'clock, it was back on the wall. Getting up for a drink of water, I decided to investigate.

First, I looked at the light itself on the wall. It changed from bright greenish to bright orangeish. And then didn't completely disappear, but changed to a very eerie, dull red. And went through the cycle endlessly. Green. Orange. Red. Green. Orange. Red. Greenorangered.

Then I tried to find the source of the light. Across from us are two more blocks of apartments. Nothing except for the spooky lights on the no man's land of the complex' stairs. And then, from the narrow space between the two blocks of aparments, I saw the green of a traffic light. Then it turned orange. Then red. Back to green. And so on.

The light travels about half a kilometer, passes though the narrow space between the two buildings opposite us to come play on our bedroom wall.

Somehow, it makes me feel special.

We tried taking photos of the light on the wall, but the camera is simply not sensitive enough to register the faint light on the wall. To tell the truth, if it is not completely dark, it is difficult to see at all. The photo shows the traffic light beaming like a lighthouse between the two buildings.

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