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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


On The One's birthday, I took us away for a weekend to try to forget. Again. Aren't overdrafts wonderful things?

We went to a farm owned by Swiss people, and there we stayed in a tiny rondawel. There were two very friendly dogs on the farm - a very... um, enthusiastic Great Dane called Carla, and a beautiful and sweet Weimaraner called Molly. They gave us lots of entertainment, as you can see from the video...

The rondawel next door was occupied by a young English couple. We didn't see much of them, but the connecting door (thankfully locked and keyless) between the rondawels opened into their bathroom. Which means we heard everything they did in there. All I can say is that they were a very regular couple.

Just after we had arrived, I packed the fridge stuff from our new red coolbox into the little bar fridge in the kitchenette. I discovered to my dismay that the ice tray in the fridge was full of water. In my efforts to get rid of the water, I broke a cereal bowl and cut my hand rather severely. We had a braai and drank too much before stumbling into bed.

Early on the Saturday, I woke and saw the most beautiful sunrise over the dam. I tried taking a picture, but it didn't come out very well. The fog over the water was enchanting.

For that day, which was The One's 27th birthday, I had planned a surprise. We went foefie-sliding, or what polite people call a canopy tour. Which means we glided on cables suspended 30m above a valley a la Cliffhanger. I had never done anything like this before and neither had The One. In the end it was tremendous fun and we couldn't believe that we had finished the ten slides when it was done. Afterwards, we had a light lunch together with the yuppies that were in our group. They complained about the quality of the food and about the price of the adventure. Yuppies, I hate 'em.

When we got home, instead of doing what I had planned we just lounged around and had a braai and too much to drink.

On the Sunday I saw another beautiful sunrise and then went back to bed. Which is when we were woken bay two insanely playful dogs, breaking down the door - that's when I captured the video. It's a pity the sound didn't come out very well, because Molly makes this hissing noise when playing with Carla. It is a wonder to behold. A glass was broken in the course of their frivolity and the throw that Carla pulls around so in the video was terribly soiled and torn. I wonder what the owners think we did in the little rondawel.

We went back to sleep once more and got up late, being just in time to book out at 11:00. Then we did what I had planned to do on Saturday afternoon: we went to the small zoo on the dam. There we saw the seal show and took a boat on a cruise around the dam. After that, we walked through the park, looking at the bored animals, pacing around in their sad, tiny cages. The One was very impressed with the giant tortoises, lined up in a row, baking in he sun. I know he doesn't look impressed, but trust me. I was there.

Finally, we came back to our small little robotic lives, cooped up like the lions and tigers we had seen in the zoo.

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