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Thursday, March 20, 2008

life lessons

I've discovered that every specific place where I have lived can be linked to a specific life lesson that I have had to learn:

Brits #1
Water Is Cold

Brits #2
People Enjoy Laughing (At You)

Some Houses Will Never Be Finished

The Orchards #1
Owls Are Not Evil

The Orchards #2
Lots Of Noise In The Throes Of Passion Attracts Unwanted Attention

Some Winters Are Colder Than Others

Stealing Is Not Nice

Karenpark #1
Only The Good Die Young

Karenpark #2
There Are A Few Second Chances To Be Had

Clarina #1
Where Cat Is, Is Civilization

Clarina #2
The Most Important Thing Is To Love And To Be Loved In Return

Most People Are Terribly Selfish

and Skuinshoogte (where my childhood holidays were spent)
You Are Different And That Is Not Good

Obviously, each of these have their own story. Maybe I'll share some of them sometime…

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