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Friday, March 14, 2008

random mumblings

The One and I watched Da Vinci Code the other night. Nothing spectacular, though we would like to visit many of the places featured in the film. And we thought the music was rather good. Before I met The One, I never really noticed music used in films, but he has taught me to appreciate it as an integral part of the film.

The original plan was to go to England as soon as The One finishes his (preposterous) 18 month community service - work and live there for a while, tour Europe and so on. But now, both the British Government and our own are making it increasingly difficult for South Africans to do this, and we have been looking at alternatives. There is Canada, which was going to be our ultimate destination; our country of retirement. Now it seems that it may be easier to emigrate there than it would be to England. Our other options include America (yes, we would really go there) and New Zealand, both of which seem pretty easy to get into, especially with The One's qualifications.

Who knows, one day I may be writing these posts from civilization.

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