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Thursday, April 10, 2008


I am not the world's most connected person. Yes, I have internet access, e-mail, fax-to-email. I am on flickr and facebook, and I have a blog.

Let me quickly digress. Facebook is one of the most brilliant inventions ever. I've made contact with two friends that I would most probably never have seen again if I hadn't found them online. And even though these two people have never met each other, and in all probability will never meet, there are at least two people (of which I'm one) that they both know! I also found many people I went to school with (both primary school and high school) - even though I will not contact most of them for reasons of varying complexity. Still, it is fascinating to see that it is not just my hairline that is receding, not just my paunch that is growing at an alarming rate. Sigh. All right, finished digressing.

I am not the world's most connected person. And yet, when our ADSL died one sunny Monday morning and stayed dead for more than a week, it was a major personal disaster. I like knowing that I can check my e-mail whenever I want to. I want to surf the net in a spare moment here and there, and discover new worlds. There are a few blogs which I am fond of reading. Sometimes it feels like the only contact I have with the outside world is through the internet. And then Hellcom took all of that away in one fell swoop. They actually have a dedicated line for ADSL queries, but I suppose it is manned by only one person since the average time it takes to answer a phone call is two hours. One day we held for three and a half hours, at which point we decided that it was useless and hung up.

To stave off the worst withdrawal symptoms, I used my cellphone's 3G capabilities on my computer at home. I sent off some work related e-mails to justify the time I spent online, but I know now that it was simply the connectedness that I was after. In the end, it was through a friend of a friend that we came back online once again. He is quite high up in the pecking order at Hellcom, and was able to bypass the system for us. I will be eternally grateful to him for restoring the order in my little universe.

In the last week or three, I've had four compliments on the blog from four people whose opinions I highly respect. I find it somewhat embarrassing to accept compliments... I never know how to react. Nevertheless, thanks to Ilana, Dale, Walter and Alda.

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