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Thursday, May 22, 2008


It has been bothering me for a while now that we seem to be drinking too much too often. The ratio of alcohol to food in our fridge speaks for itself, I think...

I ran across this notice, meant to be comical, the other day: I am not an alcoholic, I am a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings. I find that I like the defiance and rebelliousness of the words; however, I dislike it that the notice is rapidly becoming a simple statement of fact in our lives.

I've often wondered how those morbidly obese people can become so terribly fat. Now I think that I understand: it is a dreadfully gradual process. But, contrary to popular belief, such a person is completely aware of what is happening. They simply feel powerless to stop it.

We are not alcoholics. But I have a feeling that we will reach crossroads some time soon, where the direction we head off into will determine whether we will find ourselves traveling down that road.

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