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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

catching up

Yes, I know. I have been to lazy to write. Again. Moreover, after having had no television for about a year, we've suddenly run mad and bought not only a TV, but DSTV as well. And so we have been sitting in front of the tube every night until the early hours, watching everything and anything in drooling awe, stuffing ourselves with all kinds of crap.

The One is in the Cape at the moment, visiting family. Even though I miss him terribly, I find that I really enjoy spending some time with me. It feels as though I've become a stranger to myself and it is wonderful getting to know me again. Since I last saw myself, I have gained the most unbelievable roll of fat around my middle. I wonder how it is that I still fit into the same old clothes. Needless to say, we have canceled our gym memberships once more, in order to afford the DSTV.

I've also started growing a beard. I cannot say why I'm so resolute. It is horribly irritating, since the hairs curl back and poke the delicate skin underneath in a most sadistic fashion. It feels as though I've stuck a particularly thorny cactus onto my face.

I have another new hobby that I am not entirely sure I like; apparently I can't do anything without overdoing it. I have become totally addicted to Facebook. And, unlike my real-life persona, in the Facebook world I am not at all a shy and retiring person. No, my online persona approaches just about anybody, making friends with them at random. And strangely, most people don't seem to mind the bold move. I have made "friends" with more than twenty people that I don't know form a bar of soap. I guess that's how friendship works - you only get to know people once you've made friends / started dating / married.

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