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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I am fascinated by the fact that our relationship's progress is reflected in the way we refer to our surroundings and the things therein.

At the beginning, I think this was true with regards to tangible things only. Still, it was surprisingly easy simply to refer to things as "ours" soon after our relationship began. Our bed. Our car. Our room. It even felt natural to talk about complex, potentially awkward things, such as our money.

As our relationship progressed, more abstract things were added to the list. Our home. Our blog. Our drinking. Our vacation. Looking back now, it seems that we were terribly selfish, excluding the outside world from the circle of our relationship.

The next level, I feel, was attained last Sunday, when we made friends with a couple that we had become acquainted with on Facebook (where I am spending entirely too much time). And so we have added one of the most profound "ours" possible: our friends. What makes it even more special is that, growing up and being the shy and timid creatures that we are, neither one of us had ever had any friends. In other words, there had never been any "mine" and "yours" as far as friends are concerned.

An entire new world has been opened up to us, not least by the fact that our new friends are two of the most interesting and likeable people imaginable.

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