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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As much as I hate cleaning the apartment, I always forget how much opportunity it gives me to really think about things. The One was still asleep when I started the year's final cleaning on the 30th December. And I was finally able to see the year that has passed in perspective.

I am afraid that it was not a very good year at work. I was reprimanded three times for being rude to clients. The business didn't do as well as the previous year because of the poor economic climate all over the world. Because of that, salary increases and bonuses were smaller than the previous year as well. I searched for another job and even though I found many positions, I only applied for a few. I cannot explain why, but I suspect that it is because I am unwilling to leave the comfort zone that I've created for myself. And, even though we decided to go to the year end function at the very last minute, we didn't enjoy it all that much.

Our home life was also thrown into turmoil when The One almost did something terrible in April. Then he was at home during the day because he decided not to finish the Radiography degree and I could not stop my constant worrying about him. Thankfully, he now has the two afternoon jobs at the University which keeps him going. And he has enrolled for a correspondence Diploma in Natural Healing, which keeps his mind occupied. In the complex we live in, many people moved out and other came to take their place. Some changes were good, but most were bad with even noisier people coming. Thankfully, our contract expires at the end of Mach, and we will be able to move into a house.

One highlight of the year was the sudden arrival of our two babies, Alfred and Jeffrey, in October. Even though they are quite a handful, we love them dearly and would not exchange them for anything in the world. We actually feel like a family now! During the holidays, we often take them to the park and it fills me with much joy to see them enjoying themselves so thoroughly.

Another highlight was the present of a car from The One's mother in June. How did we ever manage to get around with the Mini? Now we can go anywhere when we want to, without having to worry about the car and if it will get us there and back without breaking down.

Our Christmas was spent with my family this year for a change, simply because we could not afford to go on holiday to The One's family in the Cape. It was a welcome change and even though the puppies kept us on high alert all the time, we really enjoyed every minute of it.

What does the new year hold for us? Maybe it is true that the earth was made round so that we would not see too far into the future. Yes, I am pessimistic, but that comes from years of being proven right. I will not make any resolutions this year - we all know what happens to those. But I will make a decision: I will be positive from now. I know that I make myself and those around me miserable with my constant negativity.

And I will use the blog more often.

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