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Saturday, February 14, 2009

murdering a wasp

There was as red wasp sitting on the wall of the shower when I got in. Having been stung by one of these when I was a child, I knew that it was intensely painful.

I opened the warm water tap a little and splashed it off the wall and onto the shower floor. It was a struggle to get it to go down the drain with just the trickle of water, so I opened the tap a bit more; the water was becoming hot and I opened the cold water tap as well. Eventually I managed to get it to go down the small holes of the drain.

While showering, all I could think about was the wasp being splashed about in the dark drain pipe by the soapy, warm water. Somewhere, someone started a motorcycle and for a moment I thought that the wasp had come back up the pipe and was about to attack me.

The next day, it bothered me that I had murdered the innocent red wasp. A few days later, someone mentioned karmic responsibility which made me wonder.

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