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Monday, May 18, 2009

and then, there were five

"Yes", I think sadly to myself, "Yes, this is what my life has become".

"This" constitutes the following:

I'm on my knees in the odd space beneath the stairs, which we converted into the cat's loo, giving the cat litter its weekly cleaning. Elizabeth is in supervisor mode, watching enthusiastically but offering no help. She seems to nod her head proudly, saying, "Yes, these are my achievements", a pompous grin on her face. Had it been my excrement put on public display, I would have been hiding in shame. But then, I am not a cat.

She is so excited that she has to use the litter while I'm still busy cleaning it.

Jeffrey is next to me, under the bed, violently raping a shoe. Bits of shoe fly everywhere. I've noticed that his hormones has started kicking in of late.

Yes, I now know the embarrassment parents of naughty little children feel.

Alfred is watching me, drooling voraciously as I cleaned the litter and put the dry little poopies on the shovel. Arranged on the shovel like that, to him it looks like an irresistible platter. He likes the white crystalline cat litter, but those little hard brown bits are naaais. He is very disappointed when I chuck the whole lot in the bin after carefully reversing out of said odd space like a rheumatic beetle. There is no accounting for human logic.

The One is sending his brother a sound clip of a classical work of which he cannot recognise the composer or remember the name of the work, in order that Dirk can identify the work. Dirk cannot open the sound clip.

Work has been absolutely chaotic, which is why the blog has been neglected. However, the future always looks brighter. Especially when the cat has clean litter.

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