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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


When we were looking for a new place to stay some months ago, I went to look at a prospective home one day.

The woman had sounded rather prim and proper on the phone and I found her to be exactly so. The little rondavel she had on offer was charming, but far too small to accommodate us and all of our worldly baggage. Besides, she had two Rhodesian Maneaters, who would easily have our two pipsqeaks for starters one morning with strawberries and champagne. So the place was out.

When walking back to the car, the woman showed me a large clearing in the garden. She said a big tree had stood there, but had had to be chopped off because of some sensible reason such as roots or age, I can't remember which. She seemed sad when talking about it.

I phoned her later to tell her we'd taken another place.

Not long after moving to said other place, the woman walked into the shop one morning. She looked surprised to see me there, but I could tell she couldn't place me. Later, when picking up the printing she had handed in, she remembered where she knew me from and asked me if we had found a place to stay. I said yes. I suppose the memories of all the people who had gone to look at her rondavel must have become muddled in her mind.

A few weeks later, she came to the shop again to get some photographs printed. And while printing the photographs, I found one of the magnificent tree. It had beautiful fresh green leaves and a gloriously rough, dark trunk standing proudly in the sunshine. Large enough to have a decent sized orgy under. Yes, I know what an orgy is. No, I've never been to one. But the tree looked like you could hold one there.

I find that everything in life moves in circles. Winter is coming to an end now. Life starts anew.

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Nonnie said...

Uitstekend om te sien jy benut weer jou talent(e). Hou asb net vol daarmee diè keer. Goedgedaan!