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Monday, September 14, 2009

acquiring a natural taste

Cleaning the grimy bathroom gave me a lot of time to think, just like in the old days. I suppose I have been suffering from what is called "writer's block" by those who do not know, these two months. I call it "writer's hell" and it is similar in the level of pain and discomfort to being terminally constipated.

So I know this piece is a little stupid, but I am trying not to interrupt the flow of ideas:

We keep the dogs' water bowl outside, on the balcony. I think it acquires a natural taste from the dust and leaves that settle there. Maybe to them it tastes like they are drinking from a stream in the wild; that they had been born free. I find that water straight out of the tap has a harsh, seminal taste, almost like chlorine.

I hope they appreciate the gesture.

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Another project that I am working on is a collage of photographs of The One's coffee and tea making messes, which I will publish as soon as I have enough photos.