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Sunday, February 21, 2010

catching up

While unsuccessfully trying to separate a bunch of copulating wire hangers, I realised that I have not blogged for ages. I am always thinking of something that I want to put on here, but, if I don't make a note of it, it vanishes into thin air the way dreams do.

Time for excuses, I suppose.

It has been a terribly stressful time at work for the last month. We moved last Friday, from the small and cramped shop in a shopping centre to a big and spacious new shop in a decor and lifestyle centre.

On the down side, there is no air conditioning in the new place, and as far as I know, this has been the hottest week in three years. I have become used to smelling like a skunk and dressing like a hippie in the desert. The heat and the move frayed tempers as well and people have freaked out so many times that I have stopped counting. Whether from the heat or the stress, or both, I have broken out in enough pimples to put any adolescent to shame.

On the up side, the move has caused us to lose two days of production, so everything is behind schedule. Which means The One has been asked to come and help out a couple of times, a very good thing because he gets out a little and he gets paid as well. The boss has indicated that there may be permanent position for him in the not too distant future...

Another recent development is the pregnancy of Elizabeth, who turns one in two weeks. On the one and only day she managed to escape, she also managed to get herself knocked up. Thankfully, this has meant that her constant and mind-altering calling has ceased. We are expecting the kittens to come in the last half of next month. Hopefully, there won't be too many of them; I have read, though, that smaller cats tend to have smaller litters. We have to make a little maternity nest for her where she can have her kittens, maybe in a basket in the bottom of a closet so that the dogs can't harass her or the kittens. Whether she will choose to have the kittens there is naturally entirely up to her and I have a feeling that she is going to choose the dirty washing hamper or the pillows on my side of the bed instead.

I would have put in a photo of her, but she has requested that no photos are to be taken of her for the duration of her confinement.

I have been working very hard on my book, studying theory almost every night before bed. It is much more complicated than I thought and I have to study some concepts for a long time before I fully understand them. But I do feel that I am making progress. I can't wait to actually begin writing and to put all that I have learned into practice.

We have managed to scrape together enough money to go and see Avatar 3D. It was my first 3D film. It is truly magnificent, if a little predictable, but we enjoyed the outing so much that we have decided to try and go see a film at the theatre once a month. Next on our list is The Lovely Bones. There is just something different about seeing a film on the big screen, isn't there?

That seems to be all the news I can think of now. I must make an effort to write here more often. I wonder if people actually still follow the blog.

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Dale said...

i still do! I love your blog. Dont stop! Keep well. Dale

I said...

Thanks, darling.