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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

funny little note

Some years ago, when I was still with the other Minuteman Press where I used to work, Dale who also worked there found a note one evening on the pavement in front of Zeppelin's as far as I can remember. She showed it to me the following day at work.

It was written on what looked like paper torn from a school exercise book, and was artfully folded into an intricate interlocking cartouche. It was addressed to Lillian.

When I opened it, I realised why she had given it to me to have a look at. It turned out to be an absolutely hilarious note from a very bored school girl to a friend. We had such a laugh.I wish I could laugh like that more often.

I think of the dirty little note often and have kept it all these years. It has become grubbier with the years (don't we all), but it is something I cherish. I wonder if Dale still remembers the funny little thing.

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