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Sunday, April 18, 2010

a return to normality

My prediction proved to be accurate. We had a week of cleaning up after a certain naughty dog. I couldn't even bring myself to take pictures of her antics. It really wasn't funny anymore. The kitchen was a disaster zone again on the morning after the one I have written about before. This time, Bambi had gone for more cereal (a very powdery kind) and had methodically spread the contents of the box across the entire kitchen floor. She had discovered a packet of chocolates and had helped herself to them. (Pity she had not managed to tear open their wrappings, or she may have died since chocolate is poisonous to dogs as far as I know.) She had opened and eaten a bag of peanuts which seemed to have given her the runs and she'd used the doormat as a toilet again. More things that I can't remember. We packed every bit of evidence into bags to show the landlords upon their return.

On the following evening we put Bambi into the stairwell connecting the kitchen with the garage. We took everything out of the little room that we thought she could tear apart and locked the doors since she knows how to open unlocked ones. Even though she howled for most of the night, she didn't destroy anything. When I opened the door for her the following morning she raced outside, dropping a few decoy turdlets on the way. She did the rest of her business in the garden. Yay! Unfortunately, I then left the kitchen door open and when The One arrived to feed the dogs later, Bambi had got hold of the bags of evidence and had  defiantly redecorated the kitchen once more. She had even taken some of the sweets into the garden to try and eat them there.
We had our campaign completely formulated now and it went quite well for the remainder of the landlord's absence, apart from the ominous howling at night and the dropping of turdlets when we came upon her unexpectedly. It was a bit of a mission getting her into the house at night because she crawled underneath the huge bird cage in the garden. When we poked her with a rake we found standing around, she always crept out and ran inside. We only had to use the garden hose once to flush her out.

On the morning of the landlords' return, The One mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned. He watered the plants which we had completely forgotten to do all week. He picked up the dirty underwear the other dogs had torn apart in the main bedroom and tidied up their messes which I haven't even mentioned. When the landlords arrived, he was the one who faced them and told them about our adventures with Bambi. I just couldn't face them; I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately. The man was quite friendly - we even received a bag of avocados as a reward. Apparently the woman was less than impressed. Stuff it, next time I will "just say no".

That was the beginning of our lives' return to normality.

We fetched Mother, my sister and brother in law on that very evening at midnight from the airport when they also returned from their holiday. The following day, we took back Nettie Roos and Mother's tortoises someone else had been looking after. We fetched Hitler, the  parakeet a relative had been caring for. Joe, her rottweiler was back from his stay with my sister's dogs and they fetched her cats from the cattery. Quite a zoo she has going there.

Lizz the Vicious has become Lizz the Gracious again and Alfred and Geoffrey has stopped humping everything in sight the way they had been doing when Nettie was here. The schools have started and traffic is the usual mess. I find that I really like this feeling of security I experience as normality descends upon my life.


As mentioned before, I have been coming down with something. I've never had 'flu in my life; I only get a 24 hour cold. But this time it feels like I have the real thing. The onset has been slow and almost imperceptible. I gradually grew aware of a sore throat and a congested head. Now my entire body aches, I get hot flushes and I am SO IRRITATED. My nose is blocked, my chest is sore and my head doesn't feel quite right.

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