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Saturday, May 15, 2010

balloons and taboos

See the obscene balloon on the woman's head. See me take a fat knitting needle and helping her out of her misery.

They are Rudi and Corlea, a very popular pair of duet singers in South Africa. On their newest album, they rehash some of the greatest kitsch in local music. Vulgar.

I knew her hair reminded me of something, and then I remembered an episode of Kenny vs Spenny in which they each put a dead octopus on their heads to see which one could wear it the longest.

Also, I found this very amusing blog. But be warned, if you are in any way squeamish or have even a touch of coprophobia, its contents are highly taboo in our society and will shock and disgust you immensely.

For those of you who are puzzled at the timestamp on this post, it is not incorrect. I am in fact writing this at 3:37 am since I am unable to sleep. Again. 

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