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Sunday, May 02, 2010

whiteboards and cat blankets

Reliable, wonderful daylight. Everything returns to normal and one's fears of the night evaporate completely. One feels childish and stupid. One's throat is raw from chain-smoking in an attempt to calm one's nerves and one's hands shake from the buzz of drinking too much caffeine. Sounds become far less ominous and one stops soiling oneself when a mouse farts just outside the window. While trying to surf my terror away in the early hours of this morning, I thought of two things I should blog about.

The first: We have started using the desk itself as a whiteboard. It is brilliant. Scraps of paper become obsolete and the desk wipes completely clean just like a whiteboard. Provided you use a soft pencil; The One's much beloved and rapidly disappearing London pencil in this case.

Second thing I thought of sharing: I have discovered that we are in possession of a magic blanket. It belonged to my grandmother, the cat charmer. You just put it wherever you want the cats to be. It never fails.

We have just published more posts so far this year than we did during the whole of last year. Yay!

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