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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Greed? Ungratefulness?

The One and I have become coveting gadget freaks. We want iPods, iPhones, iPads, GPSs, Blackberries, touch screen computers with uncapped ADSL internet, sound synthesizers, SLR cameras, a Theremin and what more we cannot have. I find myself drooling over and enjoying the gadget adverts in the paper more than the actual news itself. I think most people have the thought of “I want ...” a few times every day. Is it selfish to want a Blackberry with free internet access more than world peace?

We become depressed when we want something we cannot have, but we are so much better off than many other people in the world. We are not get persecuted for being gay, we do not have four enormous tumours growing on our faces, we have a place to stay, we have food and we sleep in a warm bed every night with our furry friends, we are not dying from cancer and our parents did not burn us with cigarettes when we were children. Yes, we do struggle financially and are worse off than most of the other members of our families, but at least we have something and, come to think of it, we have the best thing in life and that is each other and the unquenchable love between us. I’d rather have this love than a Blackberry if the Universe had to offer me a choice.

PS: "Dear Universe: No, I think I want this love AND a Blackberry and throw in a 160GB iPod as well please, and don’t forget the SLR camera for my lovey".

Written by The One