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Sunday, May 02, 2010

scaredy cat

Last night, we watched two films on DVD. The first, Julie & Julia, was a very good if somewhat predictable film that we both enjoyed. We watched it in the early afternoon so that we could catch Good Morning Vietnam at 19:00 before watching the second film we rented.

The second film was Paranormal Activity, which I would never have rented myself. The One wanted to see it, though, so I agreed. It is a film about a couple who starts filming their home at night and discovers something stalking their house at night. It scared the stuff out of me. It is 3:44 now, and I can't sleep from sheer terror. Two more hours of darkness. I have some of the animals with me. Every little sound I hear makes my blood curdle and my hair raise.

I know it is insane, but right now it is very real to me and I am terrified.

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