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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

of this and of that

 It's been a while since I last posted, so this will be a little bit of everything.

The One and I have had one of our wishes fulfilled, namely owning BlackBerries. One supplier in Jeffrey's Bay was kind enough to approve my application when five others had not even bothered to reply. They even paid the courier fees to deliver the phones to Pretoria and a week ago we were presented with two new BlackBerry Bold 9700's. While I miss my old LG KP500 Cookie with its touch screen, my Blackberry is so much faster and has so many more features, including uncapped internet on the phone for only R69 per month. Fantastic! The One upgraded from a LG KS360, which is like going from a steam locomotive to the Gautrain. And all this for less than we were spending on those two other pieces of junk! We are really very impressed and pleased with our grand new toys.

On Sunday, we surprised my mother with a new-ish fridge we bought off someone to replace the one she had been using borrowing, and which was not working properly anymore. Even though it is much smaller, it works perfectly and she was very, very glad. When I got there, she had dropped a contact lens and we spent 15 minutes looking for it with a torch everywhere she had been, while waiting for The One to arrive with the fridge. We did not find the lens, but luckily she found a forgotten brand-new one to put in her eye. Isn't providence wonderful?

Today, we went to my bother-in-law's birthday party and had enough sugar to put any diabetic into a prolonged coma. Not that one of us is diabetic, but I have been experiencing problems with sugar lately. A doctor once did tests on me and said that I was hypoglycaemic, which means my pancreas produces too much insulin and I get low blood sugar,  which really makes me feel horrid at times. So I have been scaling down on sugar. Apparently I should be following a very strict no sugar, low GI diet, or I run the risk of
becoming diabetic. Whatever.

The party was very relaxed and I had a great time. My cousin and his family was there as well and we haven't seen them for the longest time. It was so good to see them again. My cousin said that he had found one of the previous posts touching and I was glad. It is always very satisfying to receive feedback on a post that someone has read.

Our entrance gate has been giving major problems for the last few weeks. It is a huge contraption, consisting of two separate gates that are opened slowly by two separate motors; one on each gate. Since last month the motor on one gate has stopped working and the other one only works at times. So, before exiting or entering, you have to press the remote button, wait to see if the working one will open, kick and scream if it doesn't, open the other one manually and put a brick in front of it to keep it from closing again. Then you have to go in or out, press the button again, wait to see of the working one closes while avoiding the infrared beam (which, if triggered, muddles the poor thing and it doesn't know whether it is coming or going and it pauses), kick and scream some more, press the button again because the motor does not stop running even if the gate is closed, close the other gate manually and be on your merry way. It is like going to the gym before work every morning. Knowing our landlord, it will be months before the bally thing functions properly again.

Meanwhile, winter has truly arrived and we found a 5mm thick layer of ice this morning on the dogs' water bowl when bringing it inside as we were preparing to leave for the party. I wanted to take a photo for this post, but The One had already smashed it in the basin where it lay melting in the warm dribble from my mouth while I was brushing my teeth while trying to keep from throwing up. A common problem for me when brushing my teeth. I gag like a goose being force-fed in order to produce paté de foie gras. I always use warm water to rinse my mouth as it calms the gagging reflex; I find my teeth are not as sensitive then as well.

There I go, over-sharing again.

Anyway, that is about all the news I have for now.

Oh yes, today was a public holiday in South Africa, namely Youth Day. As far as I know, we are commemorating the uprisings in Sharpville in the 70s by black school students who rebelled against the fact that they had be instructed in Afrikaans under the Apartheid government. If I don't have my facts straight, forgive me, but history was never my strong point.

I find it depressing, knowing I have to go back to work tomorrow. Well, it is only for two days; no, three, since I am working this Saturday, so I suppose it is not too bad.

One more thing: a photograph of our decaying couch for Auntie Alda, another faithful blog reader. And another photograph showing one of the main culprits caught red-handed. Yes, Queen Lizz uses the couch as a scratching post. Honestly, it is not worth the effort trying to stop her.

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