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Sunday, June 20, 2010


I is cooking up a storm at the moment; this time it is his special soup. I like to cook soup as well; it is so simple but how interesting it is that every pot of soup made with the same ingredients turns out differently. I likes to cook and he has a special knack for conjuring up the most lovely stews; his Russian Chicken Stew is always a winner. So, while he is busy cooking, I am writing this post, which he will edit and add to later.

We are having a lovely weekend, except for the fact that Lizz the Horny is in heat once again. When will we ever get round to having her fixed? Time passes so quickly when she is not in heat and then, suddenly, there she goes again, sounding like a lioness possessed by the demon of lust. I wonder when it will be Vicky’s turn to paddle her booty for all the toms out there to come and ravage. Hopefully it will not be too soon.

We had a blissful lie-in this morning and only got out of bed at 12:00 PM. It was terribly cold this week but with six warm bodies in the bed we manage to keep each other warm. I have resorted to wearing my beanie, a scarf (from England) and gloves. I find the older I get, the more sensitive I am to the cold. In 17 days' time I’ll be turning 30! And yes, I am startled to see wild hair growing on my shoulders and inside my nose, while the ones on my head are disappearing rapidly.

When we got out of bed this morning we decided we would take our dogs for a brisk walk. Both Alfred and Geoffrey escaped from their leaches and I sprinted after Alfred as his little body curved around the street corner, becoming smaller and smaller in the distance. Some neighbours stood watching and seemed to enjoy the entertainment. Alfred can be summed up using one word – menace. Still, we love all our animals dearly and here are photo of them all, in hierarchical order:

Queen Elizabeth the Nympho; King Alfred the Troublemaker; Princess Victoria the Silent; Prince Geoffrey the Highly Strung

Written by The One and I