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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

happy birthday

Happy birthday, my love. For you, I wish only good things. I sincerely hope you discover the happiness, peace and contentment that you have been yearning for for all your life in this year.

You have asked me to write you a letter, and I have decided to write you this letter for your birthday. I am so sorry that I can't give you something better; something more useful, something more tangible.

Don't mind what people say and what you may think yourself: you are the most incredible person that I have ever met. You are good; that alone is a very, very rare trait. On top of that you are friendly, honest and caring. You are such a gentle soul and sometimes it seems to me that there is absolutely no evil in you. How honoured I feel that you have chosen me as your life partner!

Stop worrying about every little thing. You must have found by now that worry brings nothing but bad things. It is also not your responsibility to fix other people's broken lives. You can only listen with compassion when they come moaning; give advice if you can, but it is up to them to get out of the hole they have dug for themselves. 

The time has come to make peace with the ghost of your father. It is a great weight on your shoulders that you can do well without. Fathers are not always right - even if they think they are. Men are allowed to cry. We can even get married to other men now.

I know I take it for granted most of the time, but I still appreciate the smallest thing that you do for me. You are not worthless! To me, you are more valuable than all the riches in all the universes.

I am so sorry about the heartaches that I have caused you. It was never meant to hurt you and if stupid people had kept their traps shut, it would have blown over and you would have been spared enormous pain. Nevertheless, I think you have noticed that I am making an effort and I am pulling myself together.

Refining this letter, I realize that it is very didactic in tone. That was not my intention; I could have written you a letter containing only three words which would sum up everything I have mentioned here: I love you.

Remember that no degree of insanity can take away my love for you. I will love you forever.

Now take a long, deep breath and mold this new year into something spectacular in your talented hands!


I tried to take a photo of me and our children to celebrate this milestone in your life. I stupidly thought they would pose like the sweet things they are, but I was mistaken and I could not even get them to pose without me while I was composing the shot. Lizz was especially unwilling to pose with her underlings, as you can see. She said she would only pose to have her portrait painted in the proper way by a celebrated artist. Geoffrey could not understand the exercise and kept wandering off.

Still, I am posting the photos in the hope that you find them amusing, blurred and jumbled though they are.

We all love you dearly and hope you have a great day!

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