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Sunday, August 01, 2010

blind soup

We had to get up at 7 this morning to make the soup for our lunch party with Mother, sister and brother in law. And to clean, of course. We dragged ourselves from bed at 8 o'clock, had some coffee and then had some more. We reluctantly started our chores.

The One cleaned while I started the soup. I found the most perfect straight carrot in the pack of soup veg. There is nothing like grasping something firm early in the morning. Not the most flattering of pictures of me, though. Never knew I had man-tits. I am clearly not a morning person.

My eyes teared up while chopping the onions. I had not put in my lenses so I was quite blind. Lenses stop your eyes from burning when chopping onions. Your eyes burn because sulphur compounds in the onion fumes react with water in your eyes to produce sulphuric acid, which burns your eyes.

Onions in the pot, leeks as well. Olive oil, sauteé. Add meat, salt, pepper.

I put a lot of energy and time into the soup. I think it turned out very well. I added more sage than usual and a tiny amount of chilli. I hate grating, but I grated the carrots, turnips and potato before adding them to the pot. I was impressed when I did not grate my hand as well, the way I usually do. A good sign.

Finely chop celery and parsley. Add to pot and add 750ml of good beef stock. Simmer for hours, chop meat and remove bones. Top up with thick vegetable soup powder mixed with water.

I finished doing the soup, then mopped the floors. Got dressed, flattened hair, added contact lenses. Got buzzed from more coffee, waited.

We had a great day and even though we were terribly nervous, we persevered and performed our concert. My head shaked like that of a ninety year old with Parkinson's from sheer terror. I made one or two tiny mistakes. The One performed very well. The guests were ever so impressed, and asked for recordings of the music.

Sister had made delicious custard slices, which we had with coffee. We looked at their Cape Town photos. Alfred raped Geoffrey. He revealed his intimate knowledge of the Kama Sutra and demonstrated most of the unusual positions in detail. We ignored him and chatted about this and that. Lizz was charming and Vicky actually joined us upstairs.

After the guests left, The One and I had the rest of the soup with the rest of the garlic bread. I felt like a medieval farmer, having dinner right out of the pot on the stove. Yum.

Tired now. Exciting weekend.

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