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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday, Saturday, I had to attend my brother’s wedding reception. You must know by now that I am scared of people I do not know and I do not like being surrounded by many people so I was very anxious about attending the reception. I think I actually had an anxiety attack. Luckily I was there to calm me down and I popped an anti-anxiety pill but it took a while to kick in. Together we decided that I am not going to attend the reception after all and I justified this by telling myself that I had done my bit at the wedding ceremony. So we decided to spend the day at I’s mother and later the three of us went to his sister and brother-in-law for a light meal and lovely coffee. I like to be surrounded by good company I know and I find that I’s family have become my family as well. I love them dearly; I consider his mother to be my mom too and his sister to be my sister. From the beginning of our 5 year relationship I’s family accepted me with warm and open arms and all of them now have a special place in my heart.

Written by The One