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Thursday, September 16, 2010


We went to get The One's pills after work today. The stupid pharmacy closes at 18:00 and I only left work at 17:05, so we ran in as they were closing the doors and just made it in time. It gave me a kind of Natural Born Killers feeling, if you know that green scene in the pharmacy from the film. In any case, just before catching the pharmacy open, we had both had to empty our accounts at the ATM since we did not have enough money in our respective accounts for the pills. So The One went to his bank and I to mine to get cash.

There were people in front of the ridiculous single ATM Nedbank has in Jacaranda, a woman drawing cash and a high school girl, sixteen I think, with her back to the machine, watching me as I fell into line behind them. An elderly couple were behind me, but as they were resting against the glass panel around the opening to the lower floor, the woman scratching in her purse like a chicken... where was I? Oh yes. I didn't realize they were in line behind the mother and daughter. The old woman approached me and said, obviously embarrassed, that she was actually in line in front of me. I replied, rudely, that then she should try standing in line next time. She said that she didn't know where the line was. I uttered a word that my mother taught me never to say and blushed at it, out in the open to a stranger. She flew around, fidgeting with her bag. She said that if I was going to be rude, I might as well go to the ATM ahead of her and fell in line behind me, looking shocked.

The girl in front of us had watched everything. As her mother turned from the ATM, transaction done, she said to her mother in a stage whisper, "That old lady is the rudest person." I stepped in and drew cash.

I do feel bad about my behaviour. But, if I hadn't done what I had, we wouldn't have been in time for the pharmacy.

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