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Sunday, September 12, 2010

things that go bump in the night

At 4:59 this morning both The One and I were woken up by a bump followed by a crash from the bathroom. It was still dark outside so we could not see anything. I got up and investigated, fearing that Lizz of had managed to jump onto the high bathroom window-sill and had escaped out of one of the open windows. Vicky was fast asleep in bed, stretched out behind my back where she had been sleeping all night. Lizz sleeps upstairs these days since she hates the fan.

I found nothing out of the ordinary in the bathroom and went to look for Lizz upstairs. I coudn't find her and went downstairs again. The One was wide awake now and we went outside to look for Lizz. The morning air was cold and moist. I went all the way down the eccentric outside stairs that go to some of the landlord's work and store rooms, calling Lizz all the time. We could not find her anywhere and went inside again to wait until it was light enough to continue our search.

On the way up to the kitchen I discovered The One's shaving brush at the bottom of the stairs on the carpet in the bedroom. I had stepped on it the first time I went upstairs but in the dark I had thought it was one of the dogs' bones. It is usually kept in his shaving box on the bathroom window sill. Now that the lights were on it was in plain sight. I went cold and thought of that upsetting film we had seen.

There Lizz was, sitting innocently on the stairs. She was watching me, her eyes black holes, pupils dilated all the way. The other pets were milling about aimlessly, wondering what was going on. Their entire Sunday morning routine had been disturbed.

We had coffee and decided to go back to bed. It was just getting light outside. We found that we could not go back to sleep and decided to get up and each of us wrote a post for the blog.

I still can't work out how the shaving brush had ended up where I found it. There were little cat paws all over the window-sill, so Lizz mus have carried the brush from the bathroom... but why had she not escaped through the open windows?

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