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Sunday, September 05, 2010

this and that - part deux

It was late one evening (I think it was a Thursday) and we were in bed, settled down for the night and almost asleep. It was 23:38. My muse decided it was exactly the right moment to hand me a first sentence. For the book. I grabbed my phone which was mercifully on the bedside table next to me and created a memo that I put the sentence into. Then, I was given a second sentence. A third and a fourth. The first paragraph of my book, just like that, handed to me on a platter. I could tell it was not my own thoughts because it was brilliant. Genius.

Now I have been debating with myself whether I should post the first sentence or not. It makes me feel uneasy to post it before the book is complete, almost like hanging next year's wall calendar before this year is over. It feels like bad luck. I didn't know I was superstitious. I suppose I just really want the book to be a success. If it would only start raining so that I can start writing. I am really chomping a the bit!

On the other hand, I have always laughed in the face of danger, so here it is:

There was a monster once, an enormous big black bear of a thing.

And there it is. Please don't steal it... although, I am sure you will come up with a different second and third sentence. Which I will not be posting before the book is done.

For me, the responsibility of writing a book comes with other responsibilities. I have decided this will also mark a change in our lifestyle. We will stop smoking and start exercising a little. We are going to eat more healthy food. I owe it to myself to get in shape while writing the book. I will have more energy and my mind will be clearer.


Work has been terribly hectic. The boss says we should work smarter, not harder. Well, if I work any goddamned smarter they will have to give me the Nobel Prize. All of them. I have started looking at other job opportunities. Nothing serious, just testing the water. For now.

Wednesday was Spring Day (1 September in this half of the world) and the boss asked us all to bring something for a party at lunch. I brought cocktail sausage rolls, a chocolate Swiss Roll and Tab. The boss brought fruit and ice cream, Corlea brought samoosas and chocolate brownies. Dinah brought fruit and Washy brought Coke. Around lunchtime I found a plate on my desk with a few bits of food on it. Samoosas, brownie, sausage rolls. No Swiss Roll, no fruit salad, no ice cream. For the rest of the week I checked the fridge every day and nobody seemed to want the poor Swiss Roll. There it sat on the shelf, all alone. Then, yesterday, Dinah and I ate the whole thing. We just left Washy a small piece. It was still tasty. And then we had ice cream. Don't know what happened to the fruit, though.


The One was away at a family wedding on Friday night and I didn't sleep at all; neither did he. Is it dangerous that we are so close that we can't even sleep alone for one night? That's a scary thought.


It was winter one day and then it was summer the next. No spring. The maximum for one day was 21°C (73°F) and the next it was 28°C (85°F). The expected maximum for today is 32°C (90°F). We have been sleeping with the fan on for more than a week already. The plants haven't even started flowering yet- our Jacaranda is still in hibernation!

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