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Saturday, October 30, 2010


This is a kind of photo post. I have 11 photos taken in sequence of our exciting Saturday Evening.

We are looking after the landlord's dogs and house again while they are on vacation in Crystal Springs (SA) for a week.

1. Bambi's turds from when you startle her. She just lets go.

2. The Lady Bambi.

3. Trixi's stash of medication.

4. Trixi's daily dosage.

5. How you get an ancient Alsatian to eat 13½ pills. Use liver paté.

6. The very same Trixi.

7. Fluff, the third dog.

8. More evidence of Bambi's frayed nerves.

9. This time Bambi left the kitchen alone. There's nothing good in there anyway; I shamelessly checked. Instead she unleashed her fury on a pack of toilet paper. I just know the landlords are going to think we stole it.

10. Spot the hiding Dalmatian. No pun intended. You can just see her sticking out on the right of the couch.

11. Our two dogs waiting patiently on our return.

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