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Sunday, October 17, 2010

tjou-tjou part deux

I love Sundays. My phone is always very quiet; no messages or phone calls. I get time to just be me. I slept late this morning, until 10:00 when the pets were just not taking "no" for an answer anymore.

I got up, smoked, made coffee and woke The One. I saw that he had been up again in the night; his laptop was on. He has not been sleeping well and he has been getting terrible headaches.

He saw a psychiatric nurse at Skinner Clinic on Wednesday. I had taken leave for the day and we tried to sort out his schizo-affective stuff. After a bit of a rigmarole, he consulted the nurse and an appointment was made for him to see a psychiatrist on 16 November.

In my last post, I mentioned that Tuesday was our five year anniversary. I stretched the traditional "wooden" wedding and bought him an expensive bunch of flowers at Woolies. They are still looking fresh; two of the lily buds (I think) have opened. You just get what you pay for.

Yes, that is a jar that the flowers are arranged in. We don't own a vase, even though we are gay.

Anyway, I woke him up and we went on our monthly round to go get his medication. We also went to Pick 'n Pay and the wilted Fruit and Veg across the road. We were looking for parsnips, so I can try my great grandmother's recipe. They had none.

On the way home we stopped at Spar to get Himalayan pink rock salt (very delicious), and just checked to see if they had parsnips. We found the most beautiful, fresh ones. I bought two, which as you can see on the photo is a bit of overkill but then, I have always been fond of a firm root. So: if you want good parsnips, go to the SuperSpar in Queenswood.

We also got nice strawberries there, for dessert. With sugar and cream. Yum!

I cleaned the kitchen before taking the photo. Sometimes I just need a little clean spot somewhere in my life.

So anyway, this afternoon at 14:00 I will start cooking. I'll post about it later to give our opinions about the dish.

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