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Monday, October 18, 2010

tjou-tjou part trois

This is the promised update on my last post.

I followed great-grandmother's recipe to the letter... but I added my own homey touches. Sage. Garlic. Chicken stock. Olive oil with the butter. After simmering for five hours, the consistency of the dish was thick and rich as the potatoes and parsnips started disintegrating. I took the lid off four hours after it started simmering and let it cook for another hour to thicken. It was almost like a really thick bean soup. And it smelled delicious!

We forgot to get a garlic bread when we dashed off to Spar halfway through my cooking to get more carrots... I had paranoidly decided the carrots I had were too few. Who knows what a pound of carrots look  like anyway? I took the pot from the stove before we left since I became even more paranoid after Gertrude, our faithful washing machine wet the entire top floor with dirty, soapy water in the short duration last week's mad-dash-off-to-Spar-and-Tops-before-they-close-at 15:30-on-Sunday. Her water just broke and I spent hot hours mopping up the steamy mess. Where was I? Oh, yes. So we had the tjou-tjou with toast. It was absolutely delicious. The potatoes, parsnips and carrots wonderfully retained their individual flavours. We each had two bowls full, with four slices of toast each. Yum! It was so good that I even forgot to take a photo.

The strawberries were rather tarty, but I had sublime backflashes to my childhood when I last had fresh strawberries with cream and obscene amounts of sugar.

Things I would change next time when I prepare Great-Grandmother's Tjou-Tjou? We still have that second monster parsnip in the fridge... I would add cream towards the end and use Woolies veggie stock. The chicken stock didn't work so well. But the texture was absolutely perfect.

We only left work at 20:30 tonight since we had training on the new Roland printer the bosses have bought. With Greek God Sasha. Strangely, I didn't mind staying so late this time.

And thanks, Gail, for forcing me to post tonight. No, really. Thanks!

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