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Sunday, November 14, 2010

food for thought

I have never been a breakfast person. I tend to gag and feel bilious early in the morning. But today, I am having a fresh all butter croissant and strong fresh coffee for breakfast as I sit here typing. I feel like a French guy and I love it. I went shopping at Woolies early this morning. Yes, we have been shopping there more, but I received a performance bonus at work in the form of a very generous Woolies gift card.

So I have fulfilled a dream of mine, being able to shop at Woolies for groceries. At least for as long as the credit lasts - we have used two thirds already. We should have used it for some new clothes I suppose, but instead we are going the way of the ever demanding stomach.

I have never been as fat in my life as I am at this moment. I suspect that the same is true for The One. We have been eating like delinquent pregnant women. Lots of sweets and chips. Fatty food. Junk food. MOAR BEER.

We have also did a braai once or twice, with ALL the trimmings. Wors. Sosatie. Steak. Even more beer. Enough to feed a small army and make them moderately drunk.

But over the past two weeks I have slowly been phasing out bad stuff and introducing good stuff. It has been much easier than I always imagined it would be. Out with all sweets, chips and junk food. In with fresh fruit. We are eating apples, grapes, nectarines, apricots (rather green and disappointing). At this very moment there are no sweets in the house, but al least three kinds of fruit in the refrigerator. Soon, we will be returning to low fat milk. Well, I can dream, can't I?

We have had a setback or two, like driving to McDonalds one evening at 20:00, each to devour a McFeast Deluxe, his with Creme Soda and mine with a strawberry milkshake. Yes, I know.

The One has just reminded me that I have a Woolies Triple Choc Sundae waiting for me in the fridge, moaning to be eaten. I'm having it now. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER. NOTHING. I would choose it as my final meal on death row. With the above-mentioned all butter croissant as a close second. Oh, Lord, especially if it has Woolies mature white cheddar on. I'm just making this worse, aren't I?

My poor clogged arteries. Our poor clogged arteries, and The One with a family history of high cholesterol and me with a family history of high blood pressure and heart disease. Sobering thoughts. That's grey me, blogging and puffing away. Is it a bad thing when your chest hair starts going grey?

I have been thinking of having one night a week on which we can have it all. Once a week only - booze, sweets, chips and junk food. That way, we will always have something to look forward to - the way we were only allowed to have sweets on Saturdays when we were children. The rest of the time we will be good citizens, eating within the limits of healthy food.

And exercising, of course. I have been procrastinating long enough. The rains have started and it is time to get up before we keel over.

Tonight, we are having great-grandmother's tjou-tjou. With fatty lamb. Not a great start, is it?

I'll let you know how it's going. That's if this oppressive heat doesn't get me first.

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