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Sunday, November 21, 2010

words part deux

I could not think of anything to post about this morning, so I just sat around this morning while The One still slept. I had a lot of time to think, which isn't always good. Ilze told me about a poetry competition and I had decided to enter. I just hadn't found time to write new poems or to dust off old unused ones.

So I decided to do just that this morning. I was not inspired enough to write a new poem, but I found one I recently wrote. It was in English, and the competition is only for Afrikaans poems. The One said I should simply translate the poem, which is exactly what I did:
for g.b.

awake in bed after
spending a troubled night
fighting demons, I struggle
to remember your face
but I recall the way
you make me feel

I told you all my secrets,
hoping that simple act of faith
would cure my affliction
but you serenely smiled
and went the other way
leaving me reeling,
torn open to face my pain alone
spending troubled nights
fighting just one more demon

vir g.b.

na ‘n láng nag van
worstel met ou geeste
is ek steeds wakker en sukkel
om jou gesig te onthou
maar ek sal nooit vergeet
hoe jy my laat voel nie

ek het jou ál my geheime vertel
en gehoop dat die klein
daad my vloek sal uitwis
maar jy het rustig gelag,
omgedraai en weggeloop
en my duis’lig laat vaar
om my pyn nakend te koester
en láng nagte
met net nog ‘n gees te worstel

This will be one of the three poems which I will enter in the competition. The results will only be released in March next year. I'll let you know what happens.

If you are wondering who g.b. is and what this poem is about, read this post for background.

While using the dictionary, I discovered that it represents five of the six years difference between The One and I. I was born in 1974, The One in 1980. The book was published in 1979. I think about it like this: First, I was there, alone for five years. Then, the dictionary came. And, a year after that, The One was there and my world was complete, even though we would only meet 25 years later.

I know I can buy a more recently published and updated dictionary, but I love this one. I know the spine has come off. It makes a handy bookmark, though.

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