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Monday, December 06, 2010


Well. what can I say.? Work has been slightly madder than usual and I have not had time nor energy to post. I know, the same old lame excuse at the end of every year.

Anyway, apart from work not much has changed. The One has started new medication which seems to help more and with less side effects. We have both been growing fatter and fatter. Soon, I will post about the list of new year's resolutions we are going to attempt to keep. Doesn't life just seem to be one long, gradually narrowing spiral?

On Friday, we went for our annual work dinner at the Dros like last year. Some of the staff were mutinous as usual, but the rest of us got soused and acted as though we were enjoying  it.

Then, yesterday, we visited Ilze and Cas with Mother. We had a great day away from all our crap and really enjoyed it.

Today, I wondered how I am going to get through the mountain of work before I go on leave on Friday.

What exciting little lives we have.

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