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Sunday, December 12, 2010


It was kitchen cleanup again on Friday evening. The One has been helping out at my work again since Tuesday. Work, as I said before, is absolutely crazy at the moment. I will never understand why everyone has to wait until the last week to place their goddamned orders.

I am referring of one specific client, who went on leave two weeks ago without ordering his usual mix of flyers, brochures and posters. And, when he got back on Wednesday, he hurriedly placed the huge order, a week before we close. It is doable, but they aren't the ones who have to work unappreciated overtime. Wednesday and Thursday we only got home after 20:00! Wendy did give us money for Macdonalds on Thursday and she brought us a delicious full English breakfast on Friday. Almost every evening, we got a beer or two after work. What am I trying to say?

I'm really fed up.

My leave was supposed to start on Friday. Then I had to go in on Saturday just to finish a few things. We only left at 15:30 yesterday afternoon. Now, I have to go in tomorrow again to really just finish a few things. Neverending goddamned spiral.


I feel sorry about my ranting in the previous part, but I just had to get it off my chest. I am glad that I have work to provide an income. I just wish I didn't have to be a wage slave. It is so demeaning and soul killing. There I go again. On to more positive things now:

Because we got home so late every night, housework, especially in the kitchen, was abandoned totally. This meant the filthy dishes and cooking debris (have you seen The One cook?) piled up in the most alarming way. The One did the washing on Monday and packed it in the laundry basket, ready to be taken downstairs and put in the cupboard. I see Lizz commandeered a pillow case since she cannot lie down on raw floor. Vicky is much more adventurous. I also see one of the dogs used the clean clothes as an urinal.

Every evening this week when I wanted to have a bath I found that all the clean underwear were still sitting upstairs in the kitchen. So I had to trudge upstairs to fish out clean stuff from the laundry basket. Then, in the morning I had to trudge right back upstairs to get clean clothes for work. What drudgery.

When I found a tiny cockroach in the kitchen on Friday evening, we decided we really had to clean up the mess. Which took us about 90 minutes, but we did it and we felt good for having finally sorted the chaos - see the before and after photos. Yes, we do collect empty cigarette boxes. Don't really understand it either.


Geoffrey has been shaved finally. He looks like a completely different dog. Yesterday afternoon, I had to clean up three puddles of the most disgusting vomit he decided to deposit inside as opposed to outside. I almost added to the vomit myself, the watery slime was soooo disgusting. And the stench. Still the same Geoffrey, then.


I have promised to tell you about our new year's resolutions: One of them will be to realise a dream that we have each had seperately since we were kids. It is a dream that is well within our reach. I got a 'B' for Latin in matric, after all! Drumroll... We will finally learn to speak French. Oui. We will start with The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning French On Your Own. Then, we will work through the other three or so programmes with CDs and tapes that The One has collected over the years. And, to finish us off with a good solid polish, my aunt's 1948 edition of French - How To Speak And Write It from her university days. We even have a French television channel on DSTV and I think BBC3 broadcasts French programmes as well. That will help marvellously with pronunciation. As I said, well within our reach. Do you know how many points you get when you want to emigrate to France or Canada and you can speak French? A bucketload full.


Our holiday plans are balanced entirely on when and how much Christmas bonus I get this year. Leon has mentioned Friday. We want to drive down to The One's mother, taking my mother along. But, we have to get the car serviced and do a myriad other little things before we want to go. And we would like to leave on Saturday the 18th, drive halfway. Sleep over somewhere obscure, like the time we went to The Owl House in Nieuw Bethesda. I thought I had posted about it, but that must have been before we started blogging, because I can find no posts about it. I will remember to post and upload photographs. It is such a beautiful little place, and the Owl House is absolutely fascinating.

Anyway, we will drive the rest of the way the next day, taking the scenic route through Murraysburg to show Mother our property there and then on through the Koo Valley and Montagu. Visit in Napier for nine days, showing Mother the beauty of the southernmost tip of Africa. Then, drive to George and visit The One's sister and her family for two days. Drive from George to Gariepdam, say, through the magical Meiringspoort. Sleep over. Get back home around the 31st.

Our Landlords will watch our place and pets, which means we will have to have a right old royal scrub before we leave. Especially those rank carpets in the bedroom. The broken window. The patch where Vicky has eaten / scrubbed / scratched away the wood laminate on the counter next to the kitchen sink. The spot on the wall next to the bathroom door where Alfred scratches and licks the paint off the wall. The stuff in the pantry which we do not speak of. If they switch on either computer and scratch around, they will most certainly suffer strokes or heart attacks. Most probably both. What would we have done without password protection?

Ilze and Cas will watch Mother's place and pets. As I said, all depending on my bonus.


It has been raining on and off since just after five yesterday afternoon. We had a few major thunderstorms through the course of the evening. We plugged out out every electronic device that could suffer damage in the event of a direct hit. Then we had gale force winds and pouring rain. I asked The One to take a photo:

See if you can spot the mountains. We even had a bit of hail. I boarded the broken window with the top of a Roman's pizza box because the wind was driving the rain and icy hail right inside.

This morning it is still overcast and cool. Lovely weather. I have a young cat next to me on The One's stool, purring away cosily on the TV's cover. Lizz and Geoffrey are cuddling on the couch and Allfred is snuggling with The One in bed. I am listening to Anni B Sweet's cover of Take On Me on endless repeat. Brilliant.


When I sat down this morning, I had no idea what I was going to write about. And now, I have given you half a book. It feels good. Especially since I haven't really blogged for two weeks. I am really proud of this blog. It preserves some of my sanity.

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