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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm having to use the phone instead of our modem. We reached our internet cap very suddenly. The whole thing is a mystery. Anyway, I'll try to squeeze it through the remaining 3MB we have left so I can upload photos. Otherwise I'll have to do it without the pics.

So: crap, poop, doodle or just plain shit. Whatever you call it, when it hits the fan, it stinks.

This was such a crappy week. The boss crapped me out because the internet usage was very high. Then she found some files I had copied to the work computer from my personal memory stick and assumed I had downloaded them at work. I don't even know why I try.

The weather was very crappy and the first half of the week was very rainy. On Monday, I left instructions for The One to do the washing, thinking he'd understand that the clothes in the hamper were dirty and needed to be washed. He thought I meant that he had to put away the clean washing in the hamper. So he diligently folded and sorted the clothes and put them away in the wardrobe. A week's worth of dirty underwear included.

That meant he had to wash almost everything we own on Tuesday. He had to try drying the damp clothes inside because of the incessant rain. By Thursday, the clothes were still not dry when he put them away again, this time clean but very damp. Since then, I have thrown many items right back into the hamper because they are damp and becoming rank.

Another crappy thing is that we have not exercised this week and ate all kinds of illegal crap. Hot dogs. Very greasy bolognaise. Sweets. I am resolved: we will start exercising and eating right from tomorrow again.

On Friday evening, we lit some candles for a romantic atmosphere and to banish the crap. It was very pretty and I finally got to use the camera's "night" mode. Beautiful pictures, I think. The shutter was open for about 3 seconds!

The One has also had a crappy week. He worked for the first two weeks in January, right after we returned from our holiday. This was the first week that he was at home, alone again all day. He has had trouble getting adjusted to this secluded, slow routine again.

Anyway, as they say, crap happens. I am determined to make next week a better week. There, I said it, for those of you who think I am a negative person. Hosjaaa!

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