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Saturday, January 01, 2011

holiday, part one

At last, I am able to sit down and write about our holiday. We arrived back home late yesterday afternoon and we were absolutely pooped. Lizz is in heat once again, we got sloshed, had a fight and went to bed before 12:00, so we missed the arrival of the new year. Everything is back to normal, it seems.

I wanted to post more often and update the blog as we were going, but I abandoned the idea for some reason. So here, then, is a synopsis of our wonderful holiday:

One: Pretoria to Murraysburg (Saturday, 18 December 2010)

I started to write a post before we went to bed on the first evening of our holiday where we stayed overnight in Murraysburg, but I was absolutely exhausted so I left it unfinished. Besides, the post was incoherent and unpolished. Here it is anyway:
"Finally, a moment on my own. I have a spot of cabin fever since the holiday mentioned before is currently in progress. This has been the first day and we spent 12 hours and more on the road.

We lost our way to the B&B where we are staying overnight, but since I am a man I am not supposed to admit that I had to phone for directions which turned out to be very simple. I had not understood them and still don't really.

The One is showering at the moment and darling Mother is sorting through her pills or through something. I thought it very funny just now when she thought that The One, arranging things while I was taking a shower, was actually a burglar walking up and down the long hallway with its creaky wooden floors. She was having a bath at the time in the tiny, strange cubicle containing only the old fashioned bath and a basin - the toilets are all outhouses. She could not escape from the room herself since the door can't be opened from the inside without a tremendous amount of force. There are no windows either and she almost she saunaed to death before we saved her.

I have SO much to tell you.

Please accept my apologies for the unpolished text, but I am too tired to care.You see, my vacation started when I could not sleep last night before we left at 3 o'clock this morning. Now it is almost 22:00 and I am sitting on the porch of this little B&B in Murraysburg, sipping hot tea after a heavy hail storm and the best shower I have had in a very long time. I am afraid I acted a little like a Dutch porn star... there I go, oversharing again.

Anyway, it is beautiful here, but a little scary if you don't like ghosts. The door to our room keeps opening and closing by itself. Darn, here I go with another sleepless night. Maybe it's only the wind this time?

Today was a beautiful day: driving at that time of the morning through Jo'burg, Kroonstad and scary Bloemfontein where the locals constantly seem to want to violently lunge at you. Then Colesberg, off the overcrowded N1, taking the N9 instead to Graaff Reinet and finally on to Murraysburg.

You can't imagine how confusing this building is. It has this long, high-ceilinged hallway running straight through its center. All the rooms' doors are unmarked and identical, and the front and back doors are also easily confused. Most of the time, I just wander down the hall, opening doors at random, hoping to find our room 'cause I don't know in which direction I'm going. Mother keeps entering our room unannounced for the same reason.

Now, she counts the doors and says the names of the rooms as she passes them, shaking a mock-angry fist: Kitchen (left). Living room (right) (Beautiful fireplace). Bathroom (left). My room (right). Your room (left). Dining room (right). Their room (left)."

(They were the other people staying there, a middle aged husband and wife who came in very late, didn't know we were there and had a tremendous row in their room. The following morning, they were both shocked to find we were there. If I had know how ashamed they'd be, I would have listened what they had been arguing about. As it was, I hadn't caught a word because I was half asleep when they came in. Oh, yes, and sorry for interrupting. The rest of the original post follows.)

"We stopped in Graaff Reinet for lunch-dinner at the only open restaurant - Spur. We refueled for the second time that day and found that the only other open shop was the liquor store, so we bought some beer for supper.
I am slightly incoherent from the tiredness. Tomorrow we drive to Napier.

This may be the wisest thing I will ever say: the older I get, the more responsible I feel for my life."

Do you see what I mean about being incoherent? Nevertheless, I covered all the bases. This had been the first leg of our cross country journey. The ghosts and noisy neighbours (just can't seem to get away from noisy, inconsiderate buggers) didn't bother me; I slept like a sedated baby that night. We had a generous breakfast in the beautiful dining room while chatting with the proprietor's fascinating wife. We left around 8:00 and drove past The One's property a block or so from the B&B to show Mother. After a bit of sightseeing, we were on the second leg of the journey which is described in the following post. I'll post 'em as I finish'em.

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