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Sunday, February 27, 2011


I was taunting fate last week, writing about having had a crappy week. This week was more crappy by at least a factor of 10. Most of my advice from last week didn't even withstand this goddamned week. The worst moment was when a major client complained to Wendy that I had been rude to him. Don't you just despise bloody tattletales?

Here is my version of events: It all happened on Tuesday. This guy had e-mailed me to quote him on embroidering three paltry items of clothing (a shirt ant two bloody ties) on Monday. Then, on Tuesday morning, he e-mailed me again to ask how far I was with his quote. My response? "I did receive your e-mail. I am awaiting a response from a supplier and will send you the quote as soon as humanly possible." I don't think it was rude, but he complained to Wendy nonetheless. I won't even discuss the sh*tstorm that she unleashed on me.

Even so, Wednesday after work Wendy and Leon took me and lazy bloody Corlea out for a drink at Dros. I guess they noticed I am buried under the work and buckling under the strain. Whatever I feel, though, I have never been known to refuse free alcohol.

Anyway, the rest of the week wasn't much better and even though I stayed late every night and went in two hours early on two mornings, I had to work Saturday to try and catch up. Not even that helped. I am still as snowed under as I have ever been. I brought work home but I have simply ignored it. It can bloody well wait until I am paid to do it when I return to work tomorrow.

Yesterday morning before work, The One and I had to deliver a client's printed books in Heidelberg, a round trip of 220km. The bloody woman's books weren't printed on Friday when she came to fetch them. This was due, once again, to a lack of interest from Konica Minolta when we logged a service call on Thursday. That unbelievable Bizhub 751 broke down. Again. We lost an entire day of production, but the woman made still a major scene. Instead of involving Wendy and getting shat upon from a dizzying height once more, I told the woman I would deliver the books to her house. All of that just to spare myself a scolding from the boss.


Due to these terribly upsetting events in my life, and due to the fact that it was payday today, I decided we needed a proper treat to ease the stress. Again. Early this morning, I was up and went for an wonderful shopping spree at Woolworths. I got the usual, heavenly 8 All Butter Croissants for breakfast. I got extra virgin olive oil and also Extremely Chocolatey Milk & Dark Chocolate Rounds. Divine! The real pièce de résistance, however, was the beautiful supply of snoek that The One and I happened to have spotted at Woolies some time ago. The One is a native of Saldanha, located on South Africa's West Coast and he grew up with braaied snoek.

We marinated the perfectly dressed, lightly smoked, butterflied fish in garlic butter and apricot jam and then gently braaied it for 20 minutes, not even stopping for a sudden rain shower. I was very apprehensive because I have never cooked fish this way before, but it turned out to be absolutely delicious. We had it with a fresh rye and linseed loaf (Woolies again) spread with butter and more apricot jam. Juicy and simply mouth watering. To make it even better, snoek is ridiculously cheap. At about R45 per kilo it is much cheaper than red meat. And very healthy too! What a great, great dish.

So, the other Woolies purchases included a strawberry yoghurt mousse for The One's dessert. He didn't care for it. I got my usual triple choc sundae, which I certainly cared for as much as ever.

I also bought a lovely bottle of Methode Cap Classique sparkling wine for a vulgar amount. It is actually a champagne but we can't call it that because the French get all huffy and legal when we do that. Anyway, it was a Krone Borealis 2007 Vintage Cuvée Brut Methode Cap Classique and it was astonishingly beautiful. Very fruity and light. WONDERFUL. I really can't mention the price here because I feel very guilty when I think of all the poor unfortunates that money could have fed. Well, I am sipping the last golden drops as I write this, so I suppose it is too late for tears.

See what work is driving me to? Pure and unadulterated hedonism.

On Monday, I will seriously begin searching for a new job. If you are brave, look what I wrote on my daily to-do list one day at number 10. As you can see, it is not highlighted which means it has not been dealt with yet. I am sick to death of that place. I need to escape. I have been considering taking a job as far away as Cape Town to remove myself from all the goddamned drama here. I suppose, though, I'll just take the drama along.

I guess I ought to apologise for the profanity in this post. I am just so fed up.

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