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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

dirty laundry

Being stared awake by two famished cats at 7:45am during my holiday is not my favourite way of being woken. Nevertheless, I got up, fed, cleaned up after, scolded and let out the respective pets. I had decided today would be dirty laundry day and there was no use lying in the dirty bedclothes any longer.

My determination was stopped in its tracks when I discovered we had no fabric softener and I would have to wait for The One to wake up so that we could use his money. We haven't gotten round to a joint account yet. Luckily, he didn't wake up too long after and we went to the shops to get the needed Sta-Soft Spring Fresh and sundries.

At 11:00 I started with the mountain of dirty stuff. We have to do the bedclothes often because either Alfred had a bladder dysfunction every time he is on the bed by himself, or he just likes peeing where he sleeps.

This photograph doesn't even show all of it. Half the bedclothes and a towel are already being pummeled clean in trusty Gertrude, our wonderful LG toploader.

It is a good day for washing. The splendid autumn sun and the light breeze will dry the clothes quickly.

Feeling virtuous, I also decided to replace the cats' sand, last done on the night before our wedding. I asked Vicky to supervise me as Lizz was asleep in the sun on top of the fridge. Their latrine was in the most shocking state of abuse. It was utterly revolting and decency prevents me from posting a photograph. Believe me. I have a suspicion we are raising two feline vandals. Especially Victoria.

God only knows how half the dirty sand always ends up on the floor when I empty the box, but I cleaned that up as well.I scrubbed the grubby box with antibacterial Handy Andy and dried it. I hoovered the carpet with a brush and shovel, holding my breath as best as my tarry lungs allowed.

Next, I carefully rebuilt the fortifications at the entrance to the cat loo which we use to keep Alfred from helping himself to the nitbits. I turned around to discover that I had not returned the litter box to its place. While I was busy fortifying the loo, Vicky had boldly demonstrated to Alfred and Geoffrey, and anyone who was interested, how the sand is properly used. I may have sighed and cursed, but then I simply deconstructed the barrier, slid the tray into position and rebuilt the barrier.

Tranquility restored.

The final piece of the puzzle? The two cats mirthfully empty the box of its contents when it is fresh and use the mounds of sand on the carpet to do their business. This photo was taken minutes after I cleaned up the place. Why do I even bother? No, really.

I get these weird compulsions these days to clean. Not just the laundry or the apartment, but also my life. The other evening I scrubbed the entire kitchen, including our German glass top stove, Vera. Use Chemico.

While I am waiting for the ton of laundry to finish, I will sort through all the years of accumulated trash on my computer. Sort. Delete. Mangle. Destroy. Clean.

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