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Sunday, April 24, 2011


And I celebrated my non-existent pay increase with a non-existent honeymoon.


Anyway, let's discuss more pleasant forms of increase.

Last night when I had trouble going to sleep, I realised that winter was stealthily arriving. The surest way to know winter's coming is when all four pets pile into bed at night when we go to sleep. I also realised that our bed, which had never been spacious as I have described before, seemed more populated  and uncomfortable than usual. It had rained earlier and the roof had leaked right onto my side of the bed. I was sleeping on a towel, but that wasn't it. All of us have increased in size since last winter, some of us more than others.

We have been allowed to take three days leave from work during next week so that, together with the public holidays, we get more than a week off. Heavenly.

I guess I must miss work because I just slapped together this collage to show how much all of us have grown. It includes before and after photos of us all. Apparently, The One is on the left on both photos of him and his identical twin brother. I wonder how he knows that.

And to return to the topic at hand: Any donations for insane amounts of cash to buy a new bed are always welcome.


The rest of today will include lounging, munching, Simming and just plain ol' relaxin'. Increasing our calm.

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