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Saturday, April 30, 2011

a little too much

The One has been down all week, so I have been thinking of ways to cheer him up. I decided we would have a little braai last night. Luckily yesterday was payday.

It was a very hectic day. I had to run some errands in the morning and have the car washed inside and out since we are going to the Rand Easter Show with Mother, Ilze and Cas tomorrow. We will take them in the Nissan. It was last properly cleaned before our epic holiday with Mother in December last year.

Anyway, apart from getting all that done, I had to meet Wendy at work at 13:00 to print some wine bottle labels for her daughter's 21st birthday which will be held tonight.

On the way back home from work we stopped at Uitkyk to get stuff for the braai. Meat. Pork rashers. Wors. Charcoal. Chocolate for my sweet tooth and dry wors for The One. And of course, gallons of beer.

We started braaiing at about 18:00. Around 20:30 we were done outside. It was chilly and we moved the party inside. We watched TV and chatted. At one stage I wanted to have my chocolate, but we couldn't find it anywhere. I even checked the car. I accused The One that he had hidden it and he said I had never bought a chocolate in the first place. Then I found the till slip and the chocolate was on there. We came to the conclusion that the packer at Uitkyk had stolen it.

We continued watching TV and chatting. We also drank the rest of the beer and the events get a bit fuzzy from this point. I remember we were watching a rerun of Ancient Aliens. More than that I can't really recall.

At 2:00am I woke from a deep sleep, still sitting on the couch. Luckily the heater was still on or I would have frozen to death. The television was still merrily blaring away, reruns of yesterday's Royal Wedding. My contact lenses were very scratchy and blurry. I had The Thirst. My head throbbed and my stomach was a knot of indigestion. To my surprise, The One and all the pets were fast asleep in bed.

I took care of my:
eyes - remove contact lenses
heartburn - teaspoon of bicarb dissolved in half a glass of water
headache - Disprin Extra Strength dissolved in another half a glass of water
thirst - half a litre of soda water
bloated bladder - use loo

I let out the dogs for an extremely late evening pee. Or an extremely early morning pee. Then I climbed into bed, unwashed and still dressed. I had to remove some pets and steal back half the bedclothes from The One. The clock radio's glowing green digits said it was 2:39am. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

In the early hours The One and I was both awake at the same time by coincidence. I was still nursing a headache and the queasiness had returned. I asked The One why had not put me to bed. He said he had tried to wake me, but I was too fast asleep. We went back to sleep in the jumbled bed. Somehow, my feet kept being pulled open by The One. The restless pets were not helping either.

I gave up trying to sleep and got up at 9:00am. I took a lovely long, hot shower. I brushed my teeth and put on clean clothes. I felt like a new person. I fed the pets and then I cleaned up most of the mess in the kitchen and living room. I've left the dirty dishes for The One since it is his turn to wash them. He is still in dreamland. I hope he had a good time last night.

As I was working, I remembered that we had also bought pet's mince and The One alwys puts it in the freezer still inside the shopping bag. My suspicions were confirmed. I found my missing Nuts about Fruit slab of chocolate in the plastic bag. Yay. Breakfast.

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