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Thursday, April 28, 2011

a sudden cold spell

Yesterday was such a lazy day. I hung out the washing that had slept in the washing machine overnight. It had started raining the afternoon before and I had run out of space to hang stuff. Patches of damp clothes sprang up around the apartment like mushrooms. I couldn't even be bothered to post.

Whereas Monday and Tuesday had been glorious days, yesterday was windy and cool. In two days we had gone from early autumn to late autumn.

And today it is winter. Clear blue skies and an icy breeze that cuts to the bone. Now, at 12:09, it is still too cold to spend any time outside. Our balcony, sunny in summer, is in the shade all day now. The balcony doors are closed and we are all huddled in front of the heater. Vicky is messing about but she will also end up in front of the heater sooner or later. It is just Lizz the Snob who is downstairs, buried and asleep in the unmade bed.

We just discussed how Vicky is a real teenager these days. She is often very naughty, like when she steals Lizz's food. When you scold her, she just coos at you and continues the offending act until you actually get up and chase her off. Then she'll just wait until your attention is elsewhere and do it again.

Alfred just burnt his bum (I think) against the heater. He always sits too close, I've warned him before. He flew off with a yelp. Maybe now he'll learn.

When Vicky goes into heat like today, she gets the hots for Alfred. It is very funny to see how she purrs and rubs against him. Of course, he adores the attention.

We have discovered that if we put the modem through the hole in the window and the cardboard we use to block it, our 3G reception is at 100% and the connection is never dropped. The lid of the cardboard pizza box will remain in use until we have funds / time / patience / courage to replace the broken pane. It looks like an experiment in Antarctica, the little modem poking out into the cold.

Anyway, I was saying that winter arrived here today. Cuddling, soup, lamb stew, tjou-tjou, steamy pudding, red wine and DVDs. Bring it on.

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