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Sunday, May 29, 2011

cleaning. again.

The One is visiting his sister in Benoni tonight, sleeping there. He will return tomorrow afternoon, which means I am home alone.

Work was more crazy than usual this morning. Corlea had not printed a client's 50 certificates that he ordered more than a week ago. He was very upset when he came to collect them and we discovered they had not been done. My blood boiled, to say the least. Anyway.

The landlords' two goddamned grandchildren have been staying with them for three weeks or so now. Every morning at 7:00am it is Riviera Close all over again with raised voices and doors slamming. Luckily I am usually up by then, so it's not so bad.

I've been alone since this morning and I find the noisy children more irritating when alone. This afternoon they played with a BB gun right under our balcony, little devils. I blocked out their irritating voices by slamming the balcony doors shut and turning on the television with the volume very high.

Dinner was Spar cocktail chicken cheese viennas and a Woolies triple chocolate sundae.

I watched the second Nanny McPhee film on M-Net. Small c. Big P.Very pedantic and all that, but I think Emma is brilliant. Out of boredom when I had nothing to do after the film finished, I scratched around in our little pantry. Inspiration hit me with her rhythm stick and I thought I could clean up to pass the time. Yes, I am certifiable.

Clash of the Titans was on and I listened while cleaning. When it sounded interesting, I grabbed some Sprite Zero and watched some. It took me the entire film as well as half of Daybreakers to clean the messy pantry.

(Better save, hadn't I? I've written everything up to here and some below without having saved once. Taunting fate, that is.)

I started with the floor and threw out an unbelievable 79 plastic shopping bags. Apparently we don't maintain a very environmentally friendly lifestyle. I kept 20 or so of the best-looking bags, which I think should be plenty for us. We also have a high quality shopping bag from Woolies which is green and re-usable. That's going in the car next time I go somewhere. My Christmas gift from Wendy last year was packed in it: snacks and stuff for our long holiday.

Underneath all the shopping bags I found a bag of putrefied potatoes and another with a fetid, brown slush. I couldn't make out if it was oranges or onions. Both these bags had been buried in the pantry so long ago I can't even remember when and where we got them. Thankfully the bags had lain (that sounds rather weird, but I think it's correct)  on a pile of old newspapers that had absorbed much of the seeping fluids. The floor tiles were not too much of a nightmare.

There was also a tonne of assorted crap to be thrown out. An empty, sticky syrup bottle. Half bags of barbecue spice in various states of decay, folded and pinched with clothes pegs. Heaps of old newspapers. A two-year old half-eaten bag of horrible corn chips (Spar's cheap fruit chutney flavour). Just say no, they are inedible. Half packets of soup with dead weevils way past their expiry date. The soup and the weevils. Empty spice bottles. What a gigantic mess.

After I finished cleaning, I also fixed the door which had been hanging on one hinge forever.

I shall sleep more soundly tonight knowing that our bare pantry is at least sparkling clean.

I guess I'm feeling all chatty because I am alone. I miss The One, but I am very glad about the me-time.

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