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Monday, May 02, 2011


What a lovely day we had yesterday. We spent the day with Ilze and Cassie at the Rand Easter Show and the four of us had a lovely meal at my new Mom’s after. I believe my husband will write a blog post about our day so I am not going to go into to details.

Last night’s after swallowing two different sleeping tablets I could not sleep. And I got the munchies. I ate half a pack of Ghost Pops and two portions of 2 minute noodles. Yes, I know, what a “vraat” I can be sometimes! And the unbearable guilt that follows!

As I had my midnight meals I thought about my extended family who I have known for 5½
years and I thought about all the positive qualities they have which I admire:

Mother (Nonnie) is a very gregarious person and always full of interesting stories to tell, i.e. good company. She has a charismatic personality, which is a skill I lack. I also think of her as a knowledgeable person. She knows every important date we forget and her comprehensive knowledge about herself and her extended family (past and present) is simply admirable. En sy vat nie k@k van kabouters nie! She is a brave and proud woman who has survived a lot of adversity.

Dear Ilze is a very noble and virtuous person. She always notices the good things in life and almost everything contains something beautiful for her. She always ensures everyone is comfortable and she has the most beautiful laugh which is honest and contagious!

Cassie has green fingers and he can make anything grow and flourish. He is a hospitable person; what a lovely breakfast we had yesterday morning! He is a brave man who does not seem scared of anything and he is always willing to help people as much as animals in need. He is always ready with advice when someone faces a problem.

I find myself thinking about what good qualities I have but somehow it seems vain to think about myself in this way. I’d rather think about the good qualities in the people I love and care about and look for ways to incorporate these into my own life. We can learn so much from each other and I often think that I should let my guard down more often and let other people come into my life. On the other hand, I feel very frightened by people.

Personally, we have no friends but I have let my guard down with my extended family and I feel comfortable, accepted and loved when I am in their company.

Written by The One