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Sunday, May 08, 2011

happy mother's day

It is a pity that I can't be with my mother(s) today. The One became violently ill on Tuesday at work. My nemesis has returned in full force and I am battling an unseen and unknown enemy within the mind of my love. I had to bring him home around 11:00 and told Wendy the next day that he will not be back.

The One's mother is driving from Napier to George today to visit The One's sister who lives there with her family. Miles and miles away; too far for us.


On to more pleasant things.

Since I can't be with my own mother or The One's mom, my new mother-in-law, I thought that we should pay an online tribute to our wonderful mothers.

I made a collage using some of the few physical photographs I have of my mom. The digital ones are more recent and more plentiful. Below the collage, I will give a brief description of what I remember about each photo.

We'll start with the black and white photo at the top left centre and work our way round in a clockwise direction, ending with the central photograph:

My mother as a teenager in a bathing suit. As I remember, my grandfather built the swimming pool in icy Bethal just for my mother's benefit. It was a tiny thing which you could literally use for only two months of the year. The rest of the time it was just too cold.

Mom as a teenager with her sister, my Aunt Alda. I think it's on the occasion of Mother's church confirmation. Not too sure.

Top right: another photo of the two sisters, taken many years later. If I have to guess, I'd say around 1989. I was in high school and we were still living in the suburb of The Orchards. The photo was taken in the braai area outside, next to the swimming pool. Look how happy they are!

The one below that is a polaroid (Do you remember those? The days before digital!) I took of Mother, Father and Sandy around the time we had to take the poor ancient Toy Poodle I had grown up with to the vet's to be put down. They didn't pose for the photo; it is entirely by coicidence that it looks like her chin is resting on his hand. He was trying to hide from the camera.

The following photo was taken on 3 December 1997, Ilze's birthday. I had baked a cake and decorated the dining table in her honour. She couldn't stay long, Cas was waiting for her at home. Four days later, on 7 December 1997, Mother's birthday, my father committed suicide.

Bottom right: 25 December 1997. Mother, Aunt Alda and Ouma Annatjie 18 days after my father's death. See the dejected faces.

Many years later. Ilze and The One with Mother. December 2008.

The next is Christmas Day 2008. Mother and I. We spent the day with Mother, Ilze and Cas as well as Cas' parents. We went to Zanandi, a holiday resort near Brits for the day. There were insanely many people and we had taken our frisky young dogs along. What a disaster.

Bottom left: the day Mother met The One's mom. We took them to Nan Hua for the day. March 2009.

Above that: Mother making dessert on the day after my birthday last year. We spent the day with Mother, Ilze and Cas.

Up one: Mother with The One's mom during our wonderful holiday last year in Napier.

Next one up is Mother with her celebrity sunglasses on the beach at Arniston one day on the same holiday. What a carefree, sunny day that was!

To the right of that: Mother signing the register as a witness at our wedding, 10 April 2011.

The photo in the centre was taken on 17 October 2005, 5 days after The One and I met. I had borrowed the boss' Canon EOS SLR camera, because later that day The One and I went on a picnic in Burgerspark and I wanted to take good photographs of our outing. I love this photo. My beautiful, amazing Mother.

I guess that I spent time with my mother after all, going down memory lane... even if we were physically seperated by 35.3 kilometers.

I love you, Mom.


The One is still not feeling well, but he chose photos and I made a collage of his mother also. Here it is, together with the message he wrote her:

Liewe Moeps,

Ek wens ek kon die dag vandag saam met Moeps deurbring. Dankie dat Moeps so ‘n wonderlike ma is vir my en my so goed groot gemaak het.

Moeps is ‘n vrou met vele talente: brei, hekel, klos, kook,klavierspeel en midnight-snacking :-).

My kop werk nie so lekker deesdae nie so ek kan nie baie skryf nie, maar ek is baie lief vir Moeps.

Written by The One and I