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Sunday, May 29, 2011

a new satchel

Soundtrack for this post: Way To Go by Thieve featuring Die Heuwels Fantasties. Download the song, then come back and read the post. Please don't insult my direction - download the song, go eat something, then come back and read this post while enjoying your new song.


Sniffing around last night, I came across a nice shoulder bag of The One's that he got "free" when he bought his Lexmark printer-scanner-copier ages ago. The printer hasn't worked for a long time because the cartridges are so bloody expensive. I thought the satchel would be perfect for me. It is small and modern, and I find that I can live with the fact that it doesn't have compartments like my old one.

This morning I decided that I would do the switch. I emptied my old satchel on the bare mattress. I am washing the bedding again because Alfred had an accident or seven on the bed this week. Life is beautiful. That's Gertude, yelling at me that the load is done. Better go hang it up.

Lizz just managed to push her food dish off the fridge and down the back of it. Since the fridge is against a wall and surrounded by counter, we'll have to move the fridge to get to it. Can't see that happening any time soon. I just hope the metal dish doesn't cause some kind of malfunction or short circuit down there.


Then I sorted through the assortment of crap on the bed. I threw out a heap of useless stuff. An empty envelope, addressed to me, all the way from Australia. I don't know who sent it or what it had contained. Heaps of job advertisements I had or had not applied for. Apparently that is my title - a Medium Graphic Designer. I am still looking for another job, so if you need one of those, contact me. I'll go anywhere, but preferably the Western Cape. Hermanus, Gansbaai, Agulhas. My birthday card from work also got chucked. I never keep birthday cards anymore. I used to, but you can't believe how fast little heaps of them spring up all over the place.

There was also a lot of till slips from our favourite grocery shops - Pick 'n Pay, Spar, Uitkyk, one or two from Woolies. Some nonsense I took out and put away. Why did I ever the need to take all this stuff with me everywhere I go? Our rental contract. My CV with copies of all certificates. Copies of both our ID documents. An ancient laminated temporary driver"s license five years past expiry. The forms from when we thought we'd like to change our surnames but never handed in at Internal Affairs. All of this went into a random cupboard, neatly stashed under an older pile of stuff.

Anyway, I also discovered The One's suicide note. I did not know I had it. Why did I keep it with me? It feels as though I should burn it after sprinkling it with sage and rose water and walking around in a circle backwards three times.


I shoud speak about more pleasant things. Below is a photo of the good and the bad. And another of the ugly. You figure it out.

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