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Sunday, May 22, 2011


At times, without any warning, my life comes into sharp focus. Personally I prefer my life completely out of focus.

Today has been one of those sharply focused days. Must be all the goddamned caffeine. It is simply unbearable to be confronted with things I don't care to think about.

For instance... The One has decided that he will not be going back to work. Ever. I have known for some time, but I waited for him to confirm it. He is too ill. He will never be able to work. Brilliant though he is, the tinyiest amount of stress pushes him over that endless gaping chasm.


I brought work home to do because I would have had to go to work yesterday if I had not. Too lazy yesterday when I got up at 11:00, I only started it at around 12:30 today. It was a complicated job: reconstructing a low resolution image into a high resolution in-focus print ready format. The picture shows my efforts. My two flyer faces are at left top and bottom.


We watched a biographic film about Enid Blyton last night. I always wondered about her; I must have been the biggest Secret Seven and Famous Five fan to live in this oppressive country way 30 years ago. Do you know what the film showed me? It turns out that Enid was only human, warts and all.


Oh yes, I still want to share my focused little lesson for the day with you: The One is ill. That makes me Very Very Sad. And a little insane.

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