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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Crazy day at work, so I feel like writing a crazy little post.

Last night right after work, we did the groceries and bought proper food for a change. For the last few months, we've been living from day to day, buying things as needed. That was not a sound strategy, because we would buy more than the necessary and ended up in the red long before month end. Buying in bulk saves us because it keeps us from shopping every day.

Here's a good tip: new Marmite Cheese. I love it. It's like caramel, only cheesy. Love it. And it's much cheaper than regular Marmite.

Anyway, enough of our financial woes. Shopping at Checkers Hyper in Gezina at around 18:00 was very pleasant. The place was deserted. Some things seems to have disappeared since we last shopped there. We couldn't find any Gillette Mach 3 replacement blade cartridges; ours have not been replaced in six months. I am tired of scraping my face to shreds with the bally blunt thing.

Tonight when I went shopping for fags after work, I decided to check for blades at our local Clicks. They didn't have any, so I ran into Woolies Food in the same centre. Now if Woolies didn't have, I decided, that must mean those blades have been discontinued. In frustration, I splashed out on a new Shick Quattro razor for us each at R60.00 a pop. The promotional offer does include two blades.

I love my new razor to bits. I has wonderful, soft textured rubber grips. Each replaceable cartridge contains four blades and all kinds of paraphernalia to make the shave as smooth and painless as possible. Fantastic.

I never knew my father without a beard. I've tried to grow a beard, but the sweaty, itchy feeling I get when the hairs become longer than a few millimeters irritates me no end. And how are you supposed to keep the swamp under your beard clean and moisturised?

Anyway. Tonight, before going to bed, I will give myself a brand new face.

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